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On june 19th 2011 about 2000 people coming from all over Europe met in Milan to for the event called “Euroe Shinnyo Festival: Prayers for the well being of the Humanity and the Earth – Meet the Buddhas”. We was asked to focus on the concept of this meeting and to represent it concretely, and to give life to the event taking place outside the temple.


Shinnyo-en is a buddhist theaching, coming from Japan, that has been present in Europe for more than twenty years. Traditionally, every year the faithful living outside Japan meet the

head of the order, during a highly emotional event.

The one that took place in Milan in 2011 has been, up to now, the most important european meeting, and to welcome all the participants it was necessary to choose a location outside the temple. The event was devided in three parts: a religious ceremony, at the Shinnyo-en Temple in Milan, with the participation of around 700 people, the global meeting at the Teatro Dal Verme, with 1.700 participants, and a specific meeting for the youngest participants, with 300 boys and girls. We worked together with the Shinnyo-enn staff to define the concept and contributing to develop the tale of the religious event and its representation.
We produced all the video material, we made the art direction and the event production, designing and producing the scenografy, the ligths, we took care of the simultaneous translation in six languages, of the interactive supports, of the visual and the videomapping projections that characterized the event.
Tup has worked also on the tv direction and production for all the video material of the event.

In the following video the mounting of the event, and the comment of Stefania Fumo, Director of Production and communication for the Pomeriggi Musicali, the foundation responsible for the theaters Dal verme and Arcimboldi

“I think The people involved in the organization of the shinnyo-en festival
were at leas one hundred.
And those were people coming from different worlds
professions, cultural environments
and their reaction was of absolute fascination.

The organization of the event was excellent
Theatrical impact was really high
The set was beautiful in its conception
They gave life to a sort of big embrace
And in a hall like this this has really been an important achievement
This is more a concert hall than a theater
Here we have no wattle to hang the scenes
This means all the scenery must be self-standing
They were able to build a 4-5 meters high, self-standing scenery
And it’s really original
it gives the possibility to make video mapping, projections
And the direction of lights and effects vas beautiful, really important.

I remember my first entrance in a Tv set, about twenty years ago
The first thing the director told me was
“remember, never use red in television!”
Never use red, because red is very difficult to enlighten
Very diffcult to film, it reflects light in a particular way
That’s why its always excluded.
Obviously for symbolic and religious reasons, for questions of taste
We decided to use red for the scenery at the theater
It was unavoidable, because red is the color of the head of the order

This red nest, the big red nest that occupied the scene together with ….
It was the emblem of the meeting
The nest is a place that protects, that welcomes, it’s home
It’ the place in which the future is built, somehow
It’s something made of many pieces
Unlike a house of bricks or of wood, it’s made of many different materials
Picked up and put togherher with love,
a small branch, a feather, a leaf of grass
Many things that make up the place, from where everything starts”

Photo gallery


Shinnyo-en Italia


Tempio Shinnyo-en, Via Vasari 6
Teatro Dal Verme – Via San Giovanni sul Muro 2


three events in one day, june 19th 2011:

  • Ceremony at the Shinnyo-en Temple in Milan
  • Main event at the Teatro dal Verme
  • Event for the young people, always at the Teatro dal Verme


  • Concept definition for all the event
  • Concept for the theater event
  • Art direction
  • Scenography and design (in collaboration with Studio Montinaro)
  • Videomapping
  • TV direction for the religious ceremony
  • Tv direction and production for the event at the Teatro Dal Verme
  • Simultaneous translation service in six languages for all the public
  • Production of the video contributions.
  • Project and production of a photo book


  • Video contributions for the temple ceremony and from all the other european temples, for the theater event
  • HD video of the ceremony
  • HD Video of the event at the Teatro Dal Verme
  • HD Video of the event dedicated to the young
  • HD documentary on the events, translated in six languages (Italian, Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish).
  • Photobook with thext in six langages, publishe in 3000 copies and distributed in Europe and Japan.