What we do

Absolutely special events

Streets, shops, people, traffic, confusion, attention: the ideal occasion to surprise people and interact with them. But to catch attention and be noticed among so many stimulations you need to be interesting, entertaining, unique. Our Anbient and Experience Marketing actions redesign the city to create communication chances with the public. The events we create are spectacular, they have a high impact and a quality of production which is unique on the market. Nothing is left to chance, all our works are based on a deep creative thinking, whether it is a small event or a big production. Our projects are always focused on the clients’ needs and we give great importance to results measurability.
Be curious, ask us how we do it.

Completely transmedia formats

We take brand values and contents and we turn them into transmedia formats: our projects aim to create and maintain the relationship with clients through contents that are interesting for them. Not only advertising, but real content, thought written, produced and adapted for all the different channels: television, internet, mobile applications, phisical places and traditional media like press and billboard. We know you have already been thinking about this. It just takes a moment: ask us for a meeting. We will tell you how we think to help you become publishers of your brand.

Simply good publishing

Keeping a community alive, or animating a company blog means producing feeds and interesting content, interacting with clients every day, monitoring the sentiment on the social web. It’s a crucial job, and it has to be made with a professional approach. Not always the right option for a company is to structure an internal editorial staff. On the other side, doing this with low cost unprofessional resources, or managing it as a secondary activity may represent a great risk, and surely it’s not a good idea. We can do it for you, it’s our job andf we can do it well. Ask us for a proposal!

Creative video production

We know television and video productions very well. This is our field. Video is more and more important for brand and company communication, wether it is a short cut to be uploaded on Youtube, or a fiction for the web or the Tv. New digital channels have made it more simple to access digital video distribution, but on the other side, they have given way to a great number of low quality productions. Not everybody can act as a videomaker. We can put our long experience at your service, we can write and produce your video content with you, in a professional quality and at reasonable costs Let’s talk about it.